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The mission statement of Quit and Live Global, Inc is to provide effective, comprehensive and easily accessible tobacco education and cessation programs to people around the world.

The Quit with Nancy™ Tobacco Cessation Program© has evolved over the 20 years, drawing on new research from the Mayo Clinic’s Nicotine Dependence Centers, CDC's Best Practices for Comprehensive Tobacco Control Programs, Clinical Practice Guideline from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Much of this innovative program has developed through the extensive experience of working with over 10,000 tobacco users in live programs. This science-based program offers effective, comprehensive tobacco cessation education, support and motivation to smokers and chewers.

Nancy Caspersen, RN
Tobacco Cessation Specialist
Program Developer

Nancy Caspersen, R.N. and Tobacco Cessation Specialist, has devoted her career to providing smokers and chewers with high quality, unique education and treatment.

Nancy has been an anti-tobacco crusader and Tobacco Cessation Specialist for nearly 20 years. Her education as a Registered Nurse as well as her specialty training, including the Mayo Clinic Tobacco Dependency Program, is just the start to how she gets her unique outlook and content on quitting tobacco. Much of what Nancy teaches comes from her experience teaching live classes, where she has gathered invaluable testimony from over 10,000 smokers and chewers. Her program advocates the effective delivery of education as the number one element that will empower people to quit tobacco. The Quit with NancyTM Tobacco Cessation Program© blows the lid off gimmicks, the treachery of the tobacco industry and empowers tobacco users to understand their addiction in a unique and powerful way.

In addition to helping thousands of smokers and chewers quit…Nancy trains doctors, employers, legislators and just about anyone who will listen. She is a strong advocate for both tobacco users and tobacco control supporters.


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