Tobacco Cessation Program, Products and Services

Whether you are an individual, corporate HR manager, or non-profit representative, we have the tobacco cessation program and services to help kick the tobacco habit. Quit and Live Global offers on-site conferences, personal consulting and
the Quit with NancyTM Tobacco Cessation Program©  on DVD.

DVD with Workbook

The Quit with Nancy™ Tobacco Cessation Program© DVD set is a comprehensive 8-hour Instructional Video. This set includes 4 DVDs (approx 2 hours each) and a 40 page color Personal Workbook. This unique program integrates science, animation and technology to engage the viewer in an experience that is educational, motivating and enlightening. The DVD format is great for review, relapse prevention and family support. Available year-round; anytime, anywhere, for anyone.

Online Course monitor

Complete with learning checks, final exam and certificate of completion.
On-site Program for Employee Wellness
The Quit with NancyTM Tobacco Cessation


delivered on-site will have a profound effect on not just the bottom line, but on the health and happiness of the workforce. When an employer steps up and supports their employees to quit tobacco use, the program attendance and quit rate tend to be much higher than if the employee attempts to quit on their own. Supplying incentives and encouraging group support within the business all lead to a more effective tobacco cessation program.

Quit and Live Global, Inc, provides cost-effective consulting on tobacco related issues to private corporations, federal, state, and local public health agencies, professional associations, as well as non-profit, community-based, and other public health-related organizations.

Continuing Education for Professionals & Speaking Engagements

Nancy has educated physicians, legislators, employers and many other medical professionals.

 She has been a guest speaker on tobacco issues at conferences including:

-The Academy of Family Physicians
-The Industrial Commission Conference
-The Annual OsteoPhysicians Conference
-The Tobacco-Free Idaho Alliance
-Family Practice Residency
-Conference on Alcohol And Drug Dependency

 In addition, Nancy has provided many in-services for medical professionals, has been featured weekly on KTVB Channel 7 in Boise, as well as being a guest speaker at anti-tobacco organizations, churches, schools and corporations.

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