LICENSING for the Quit With Nancy™ Tobacco Cessation Program©

The 8-hour Quit with Nancy™ Tobacco Cessation Program© (four 2-hour DVDs with 40 page personal workbook) is designed and licensed for private individual use only. The DVD set is not licensed for "public performance” or for a "loaning library” situation. Unauthorized duplication, distribution and public exhibition are prohibited by law. Copyrighted 2011 Quit and Live Global, Inc., all rights reserved, licensed for personal use only.

The "private individual use only” licensing means that the smoker or chewer would own a DVD set and would be encouraged to watch it and to share it with family members. In this format, the information will be available to the tobacco user, anytime and anywhere, allowing it to be reviewed and repeated as needed, indefinitely.

For most people, tobacco addiction can be a life-long struggle. I strongly believe that the success of the DVD format depends on the individual having their own copy in the home for education, motivation, review, relapse prevention, and family support. It’s critical that family members understand the cessation approach taught it the DVD. Sharing of the DVD inspires others to quit and the positive ripple effect on family and friends is beyond measure.

The proper and effective use of medication is one of the biggest challenges tobacco users face. After participants get their medication, they can review the DVD section for that particular medicine. This is important. Thousands of people have told us that "the medicine doesn’t work”, when really the problem is that they don’t understand the medication and its correct use. Rather than try and quickly give up on medications, with education, they understand their mechanisms and limitations. Research concludes that medicine alone is not as effective as medicine and education together.

We all know that the quitting is easy…it’s the staying quit for life that is hard. Tobacco addiction is acknowledged as one of the most difficult dependencies to conquer. The Mayo Clinic describes tobacco addiction as a "chronic, relapsing, addictive disorder”.  Our goals for distribution of the Quit with Nancy™ DVD are based on eliminating barriers for the tobacco users (and their family members) to access this information, utilize it to its fullest and be successful in quitting forever.  

An exception to the above licensing is the Facilitated Model: (requires written contract and negotiated fees):                                                                                                                                                

The Quit With Nancy™ Tobacco Cessation Program© DVD set, an 8- hour instructional video with personal workbook, may be used in some facilitated settings. It can be presented to individuals and /or groups of participants at a chosen location and facilitated by a qualified and trained Quit With Nancy™ Facilitator, following the Quit With Nancy™ Facilitator Training Manual© and using the program participant materials. Each Facilitator uses the program and teaching materials under a written contract and Licensing Agreement with Quit and Live Global, Inc.  Participants may be recruited from corporations, hospitals, clinics, addiction centers, organizations, military, agencies, churches, etc. Each participant receives their own DVD program to keep for their ongoing use and to increase long term success. Any exception to this must be negotiated and in the above mentioned contractual agreement.

The following is a successful example of the DVD-based facilitated format of the Quit with Nancy™ Tobacco Cessation Program©…..                                                                                                                      Several Boise physicians, a pulmonologist, cardiologist, and family practice doctor, who are employed by at the local hospital, have a patient population that is heavy with tobacco users. They wanted to provide a tobacco cessation program to help their patients quit. These doctors were familiar with the Quit with Nancy™ Tobacco Cessation Program© (in the live format) and decided they wanted to offer a facilitated version of her program. They requested a grant to provide the program and to cover the cost of giving one free DVD set to each participant for them to keep as their own.

The grant was funded by one of the Boise hospitals and hospital foundation, and is hosting the facilitated program for tobacco users utilizing the Quit with Nancy™ Tobacco Cessation Program© DVD set. Basically, under the guidance of a group facilitator, the participants watch sections of the DVD program, and then stop for discussion and to fill in their personal workbook. There are four classes in a row (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur). Each class is a 3-hour class (2 hours of DVD time and 1 hour discussion time, totaling 12 hours).

Each tobacco user who attends the entire program is given a DVD set (one per household) at no cost to the participants. The cost of the DVD sets is being paid for with the grant from the hospital foundation, specifically written for the purpose of purchasing the DVD sets for each user. This initial grant allowed 100 users to take the group program and go home with a free set. It is for them to own and keep for continued support and to share with family to help with their long term effort to quit for the rest of their life. The participants are proving to be very engaged in the facilitated format and very appreciative of this benefit. This group arrangement takes advantage of the positive aspects of group interaction while also insuring the recipient fully watches and participates in the program with coaching from the facilitator.

The feedback from all involved…the participants, the hospital and the physicians has been extremely positive and we look forward to expanding the reach of this program. 

Our goals for distribution are based on eliminating barriers for the tobacco users to access this information, utilize it to its fullest and be successful in quitting for life.  

For all uses, except private individual use, please call or email us with your questions and specific needs, we will detail licensing options available and associated fees for these situations.

Nancy Caspersen, RN, Tobacco Cessation Specialist
Nancy Caspersen, RN, Tobacco Cessation Specialist
Quit & Live Global, Inc.

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